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war paint

You can’t just paint some random stuff on a horse and then claim that it’s “war paint”. If anything the caption should be “cultural appropriation”.

I think this was all for fun, I don’t see what’s offensive about it.

its offensive because you clearly have no idea the meaning of war paint, and what its used for. it wasnt just “lets paint our horses pretty colors!” it had cultural value. You don’t know what those symbols mean. you just slapped paint on your horse for notes on tumblr.

For fucks sake, I have never seen so many unreasonably offended people in my life. No, I didn’t just "slap paint on my horse for notes on tumblr." I did it for fun, and lo and behold! I forgot this is tumblr and that people will get offended over literally anything! People throw the term 'cultural appropriation' around like a dirty washrag. If putting paint on your horse makes me racist, then every Asian or non-European rider who puts an english saddle on their horse is being disrespectful to English culture and therefore is racist as well. The same goes for western riders- western riding derived from Spanish culture; does this mean that every European-American who rides western is racist? If this is the case, then we are ALL practicing cultural appropriation. If I had been wearing derogatory native american attire and swinging a tomahawk over my head in a profane way, then yes, I would be in the wrong. But I didn’t, because I was not going out of my way to disrespect a different culture. If we differentiate ourselves so much from other cultures by playing this cultural appropriation game, then that in turn will lead to a separation of different peoples and that’s how hate and racism ensues. 

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those friends that are always there for you no matter what :) 

this is one of my favorite pics ever

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